Communication devices

Satellite Phones, GPS and VHF Radios

Self-driving is one of the most popular ways to visit Namibia. With the increase in self-drive tourism, a greater responsibility rests upon the shoulders of individuals, travel agents, car rental agencies and tour operators to inform our guests of practical safety measures that should be applied while travelling through the splendid Namibian countryside.

VHF Radios are ideal for multiple vehicles and groups travelling in convoy. The VHF Handheld radios operates up to 5km apart and are rented complete with wall and car chargers as well as a spare battery and insurance cover is available. Satphone, GPS and VHF radios are delivered to your place of accommodation in Windhoek or, if you aren't overnighting in the capital, at a pre-arranged location.

Satellite phones allow calls to be made and received from any location - even the furthest outpost - and is not restricted to cellular coverage as it allows the user to communicate directly via satellite to any other telephone. This is useful not only as an effective way to stay in touch with loved-ones while on holiday, but also provides a lifeline in case of emergency. Each Satellite Phone is pre-programmed with emergency numbers, so no matter where you may find yourself, assistance is only a satellite call away. We rent out Iridium and iSat models complete with car chargers.

In Africa, a GPS is a must-have for the modern traveller. Choose between the Garmin NĂ¼vi range or the TomTom. We rent out our models complete with car chargers and dashboard or window mounts.